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Address: 7896 SONOMA SPRINGS CIR. #306
LAKE WORTH, FL   33463

Hole #: #9
Distance: 565 Yards
Club Used: DRIVER/PW
Date of Shot: 5-May-2006


J. David Hatcher

Address: 2 Oak Hill Lane
Bluffton, sc   29910

Golf Course: Lakeview Resort, Morgantown, WV
Hole #: 7
Distance: 564 Yards
Club Used: Nike Driver, Titleist DCI 6 iron
Date of Shot: 7-Jul-2005

Comments: A double eagle. The seventh hole at Lakeview is a heavliy treed downhill par 5 that measures 564 yards from the back tee. I hit a beast drive to the bottom of the hill to a relatively flat lie. I then holed out with a six iron from 190 yards. All four of us watched it land just short of the green and then it began to creep slowly towards the hole. We all watched it disappear. A deuce on a five par! (We won the hole.) My partner, Brad Favro, came very close to acing the next hole, a par three. What a great day, indeed!!

Michael E. Diemand

Address: 3265 Olive Lane North
Plymouth, MN   55447

Golf Course: Rolling Green Country Club
Hole #: 2
Distance: 561 Yards
Club Used: 3-wood
Date of Shot: 12-Jul-2003

Comments: DOUBLE EAGLE (Not a hole-in-one).

Hit my drive 301 yards to the middle of the fairway on this 561 yard par 5. Took a 3-wood for my second shot of 260 to the hole. The ball hit on the front of the green and rolled about 20 feet into the cup for a Double Eagle.

Thank you.

Michael Diemand

Joe Commander

Address: 105 Cusick Ct
Murfreesboro, TN   37128

Golf Course: Cedar Crest
Hole #: 10
Distance: 536 Yards
Club Used: Driver/6 Iron
Date of Shot: 28-Sep-2013

Comments: Double Eagle!!!!! Hit my driver high over trees cutting off the dogleg. Second shot 6 iron from 177 yards landed on the front fringe and rolled into the cup,

Roy Cabaltera

Mountain View, CA   

Golf Course: Moffett Field Golf Course
Hole #: 9
Distance: 525 Yards
Club Used: Driver and 3 Wood
Date of Shot: 17-Jul-2005

Comments: Double Eagle!!!!!!


Hole #: #1
Distance: 521 Yards
Club Used: DRIVER AND #4 wood
Date of Shot: 29-Jan-2004

Comments: I Double Eagle'

Jason Theodosakis

Golf Course: Ventana Canyon Mountain Course
Hole #: 4
Distance: 519 Yards
Club Used: Driver
Date of Shot: 26-Nov-2005

Comments: Actually a Double-Eagle. In strong wind, Drive of 376 yards. Nine iron on downhill lie bounced short and left of pin. Ball rollled about 15 feet and landed in the cup. Three witnesses.

Per Morten Thingbø


Golf Course: Sola Golfklubb
Hole #: 9
Distance: 518 Yards
Club Used: 5 wood
Date of Shot: 29-Apr-2005

Comments: Shot a 300 yard drive and with a 5 Wood spoon the ball bounced once i front of the green, then onto the green and directly into the hole. A fantastic Albatross!


Address: 2201 18th ave`
menominee, mi   49858

Golf Course: Riverside Country Club
Hole #: 6
Distance: 515 Yards
Club Used: 6 iron
Date of Shot: 6-Sep-2005

Comments: 305 yard drive down the middle, 6 iron landed 15 feet short and released in the hole.

David Stagg

Address: 7934 Camino Kiosco
San Diego, Ca   92122

Golf Course: Mission Trails GC San Diego Ca
Hole #: 12
Distance: 513 Yards
Club Used: Driver/4 wood
Date of Shot: 13-Aug-2009

Comments: I hit my drive approx. 275 the holed a 4 wood from 235 for a two (albatross)

Dustin Holland

Evansville, IN   47715

Golf Course: Augusta National
Hole #: 13
Distance: 510 Yards
Club Used: Sand Wedge
Date of Shot: 1-May-2005


David Stagg

Address: 1369 Felspar St
San Diego, Ca   92109

Golf Course: Mission Trails GC
Hole #: 12
Distance: 505 Yards
Club Used: 4 wood
Date of Shot: 13-Aug-2005

Comments: where can I register for a double eagle? I hit a good drive then rifeled a four wood 210 yds into the hole.

Todd Probst

Address: 6830 RIX ST
ada, mi   49301

Golf Course: Arrowhead Golf Club, Lowell Michigan
Hole #: 17
Distance: 496 Yards
Club Used: Driver / 5 wood
Date of Shot: 16-Apr-2008

Comments: Dog leg right 90 degrees with trees and out of bounds lining the right side starting at the tee box, I hit a great drive right down the right side ending up in the center of the fairway at the right turn about 200 yards to the pin, hit a 5 wood draw to this hidden green with only the flag visible, unseen but we found the ball in the hole for an Albatross! Four other players with me witnessed.

Wesley Dobe

Address: 8020 60th Avenue North
New Hope, MN   55428

Golf Course: Bos Landen Golf Club - Pella, IA
Hole #: 11
Distance: 495 Yards
Club Used: Driver & 3 wood
Date of Shot: 3-Apr-2004

Comments: Double Eagle on Par 5. Drive to center of fairway (about 275 with wind). 3 wood bounced in front of green then on. Knew it should be close but did not see it go in. When I arrived at green could not see a ball on the green or nearby. Looked in hole - there it was! First ever in 30 years of playing. My first round this season - more good things to come?

Albert J. Koval

Address: 108 Bauman Ave.
Pittsburgh, Pa.   15227

Golf Course: Toms Run
Hole #: 18
Distance: 488 Yards
Club Used: Taylor Made 3 wood
Date of Shot: 29-Oct-2004

Comments: This was a double eagle. My drive went approximately 270 yards. My approach shot landed on the green and 1 bounce into the cup!

Rick Wilson

Address: PO Box 1447
Brewton, AL   36427-1447

Golf Course: Country Club of Brewton
Hole #: 6
Distance: 485 Yards
Club Used: 3 iron
Date of Shot: 31-Mar-2004

Comments: This was a double eagle made from 210 yards out. Does it qualify and if not where do I go to register it?

Bill Scheible

Golf Course: Quail Ridge, Bartlett Tn.
Hole #: 8
Distance: 485 Yards
Club Used: 5 iron
Date of Shot: 18-Sep-2005

Comments: This was a DOUBLE EAGLE. First shot was with a Taylor Made R5 Driver. Second shot was from 175 yards with a Ping G2(HT), one bounce and rolled into the cup.

John J. Lim

Golf Course: Costa Mesa Country Club
Hole #: 5, Mesa Linda
Distance: 479 Yards
Club Used: Driver, 3 wood
Date of Shot: 20-Nov-2003

Comments: I hit two great shots and couldn't find the ball. I was getting upset when one of my playing partners said to check the cup. He looked and asked if I had a blue mark no my ball. I said "yes" and he said I had holed out from the fairway. What a feeling!!!

Michael Heuer

Address: 3254 East Avenue
Caledonia, NY    14423

Golf Course: Old Hickory, Livonia NY
Hole #: 1
Distance: 470 Yards
Club Used: 4 iron
Date of Shot: 22-Jul-2007

Comments: Solid drive left of the fairway on the slight dog leg right #1 (470 yard par 5). Approach shot a 208 yeard 4 iron out of light rough to a back pin placement. Watched the ball land and release straight toward the pin and drop. 3 witnesses. Any method for registration of a double eagle?

James D. Moore

Boaz, Al   35957

Golf Course: Silver Ridge, Douglas, Al
Hole #: #8 par 5
Distance: 468 Yards
Club Used: 3 wood, King Cobra
Date of Shot: 21-Aug-2007

Comments: Double Eagle: Hit a 250 yd fade into low rough. Hit my 3 wood 230 yds over two moguls toward the elevated bank on the right of the green, tip of the flag showing. The ball rolled down the undulated bank and across the front to back sloping green toward the pin. My ball was looking up at me from the bottom of the cup on the approached side of the flag. Witnessed by O.V. Johnson.


Address: 1321 DAN AVE
ALBERTVILLE, Alabama   35950

Hole #: 2
Distance: 460 Yards
Club Used: WEDGE
Date of Shot: 27-Aug-2004


Rob Gaines

Columbia, MO   

Golf Course: Qualchan, Spokane WA
Hole #: 16
Distance: 459 Yards
Club Used: Driver / 4 iron
Date of Shot: 13-Jul-2004

Comments: Number 16 is a dogleg par 5. I hit a fairly solid drive and had about 190 left to the pin which was pretty much all carry over water with water left and with greenery at the end of the fairway and partially blocking the green near the pin. Anyway about as visually daunting as a 190 yard shot gets. I aimed a little left (where there was no land), told the demons in my head I was going to make a good full swing, and let it rip with my couldn't-stop-it-if-I-wanted-to fade and it fired out and sure enough faded and went behind the tall bush guarding the other side dead at the pin. I could tell it made it across but as it was into the sun didn't see where it landed nor did my partners. It wasn't behind the green, wasn't on the green, wasn't in front of the green and someone else had chipped to 2' so I just looked in the cup and there it WAS! Double Eagle! I love reading the other stories on this site because like them I'm still in shock. My witness was my father-in-law who's a pastor (how do you like those credentials) and his brother. Odds of a hole-in-one 13,000 to 1; double-eagle 6 million to 1. Wow. God be praised.

Frank Daily

Golf Course: Kemper Lakes
Hole #: 8
Distance: 421 Yards
Club Used: Yonex 3-Wood
Date of Shot: 6-Aug-2002

Comments: Best 3-wood of my life. I felt really strong that day after eating my Wheaties and Pria bar. When I swung, my muscles tore open my shirt from the massive flexing and then I hauled off on the Titleist Balata 100. It screamed into the air with a whistling sound, grazed a tree branch, bounced twice, and rolled right up the rise of the back tier of an elevated green and then rolled down off the tier into the cup. The ball was completely deformed from the impact.
The people on the next tee were watching it. They said I was awesome. Then they all showered me with gifts and olive branches. I am now their god.

Peter Robert Vickerman

Address: 28 seaway gdns, st marys bay
romney marsh , kent   tn290rh

Golf Course: littlestone g.c. Kent
Hole #: 11
Distance: 408 Yards
Club Used: driver
Date of Shot: 4-Oct-2014

Comments: Competition was the autumn scratch&coronation cup played on the championship blue tees.


Address: #3 Mark Lane
Electra, TX   76360

Golf Course: Decatour Country Club
Hole #: 6
Distance: 405 Yards
Club Used: 5 wood
Date of Shot: 14-Jul-2005

Comments: I was playing in a women's league on a unfamiliar course. I cut across a par 5 dogleg with a good drive. Then I used a 5 wood aiming left of the hole. The fairway was uphill and sloped to the right. I never saw the ball go in for a double eagle. We spent over 5 minutes looking for my ball before looking in the hole.

Benjamin James Fieri

Golf Course: Trillogy - Glen Ivy
Hole #: 16
Distance: 400 Yards
Club Used: Driver, Taylormade R580
Date of Shot: 13-Feb-2006

Comments: This is the honest to god truth! I have 3 witnesses. Still, I know, unbelievable.


Address: 10208 n 140th east court
owasso, ok   74055

Hole #: 4
Distance: 383 Yards
Club Used: DRIVER
Date of Shot: 6-Nov-2016


Paul Paoletti

Address: 705 Meadow wood Dr#9
Crescent Springs, KY   41017

Golf Course: Eveleth G.C. Eveleth, MN
Hole #: 5
Distance: 379 Yards
Club Used: Driver
Date of Shot: 26-Jul-2004

Comments: My first hole in one. Witnessed by my Dad, son, brother and a friend.

Jeff Platt

Address: 3019 Arthur Dr.
murfreesboro, tennessee   37127

Golf Course: Indian Hills Golf Club
Hole #: 9
Distance: 367 Yards
Club Used: Taylormade R7 TP Driver
Date of Shot: 5-Apr-2008

Comments: This was the first time I have used this club, I had just purchased it. Everybody in the group was totally surprised and thrilled with the shot. The shot was a hard dogleg to the right.

Jeff Nie

Golf Course: Blackthorn
Hole #: 10
Distance: 365 Yards
Club Used:
Date of Shot: 10-Mar-2004


Terry Steele

Golf Course: The Ridge @ Castle Pines North
Hole #: 8
Distance: 364 Yards
Club Used: Deep Red Driver
Date of Shot: 20-Apr-2004

Comments: First ace, par 4, doesn't get any better than this.

Young K. Yoon

Address: 760 N. Euclid St. #204
Anaheim, CA   92801

Hole #: 7
Distance: 362 Yards
Club Used: DRIVER
Date of Shot: 12-Jun-2008


Benjamin Linke

Address: 8324 Coolgreene
Dallas, TX   75228

Golf Course: Tenison Park Glen Course
Hole #: 9
Distance: 347 Yards
Club Used: 3 Wood
Date of Shot: 5-Feb-2005


Harold Jackson

Address: 305 North Burnett
Baytown, Texas   77520

Golf Course: Black Hawk Golf Course
Hole #: 9
Distance: 344 Yards
Club Used: 3 Wood
Date of Shot: 28-Sep-2003


Henry Claassen

Address: PB 50
St.Cristina d'Aro, Gir.Spain   17246

Golf Course: CGCB
Hole #: 2
Distance: 343 Yards
Club Used: 3.wood/6 iron
Date of Shot: 5-May-1993

Comments: From out of the fairway bunker.

Rick Gehrer

Address: 8112 E. Greenbrair Ct
Wichita, KS   67226

Golf Course: Auburn Golf Club
Hole #: 15
Distance: 342 Yards
Club Used: Driver
Date of Shot: 22-Aug-2003


Jonathan Steinhauer

Address: 1506 Cortland Drive
Naperville , IL   60565

Golf Course: Naperbrook Golf Course
Hole #: 2
Distance: 341 Yards
Club Used: Callaway Big Bertha Warbird Driver
Date of Shot: 9-Aug-2004


Jeremy Gaba

Golf Course: Stone Hedge Golf Club
Hole #: 4
Distance: 340 Yards
Club Used: Driver
Date of Shot: 3-Jun-2003


Richard Shannon

Address: 15600 Blue Willow Lane
accokeek, Maryland   20607

Golf Course: East Potomac GC
Hole #: 7
Distance: 340 Yards
Club Used: driver
Date of Shot: 1-Jun-1990

Comments: Was Playing With Jim Thorpe and John Tyler, Thorpe now plays regularly on the Seniors Tour.

Daniel McNamee

Address: 107 Haskell Dr.
Lancaster, Pa   17601

Golf Course: Heritage Hills
Hole #: 4
Distance: 337 Yards
Club Used: Driver
Date of Shot: 12-May-2006


Hal Johnson

Oakville, ontario   

Golf Course: Grandview
Hole #: 4
Distance: 336 Yards
Club Used: Driver
Date of Shot: 21-May-2007

Comments: It was my first hole in one. I hit into the group ahead becasue there was aslight wind in our face and I didn't think I could get close. But I got very luck and hit it about 310 and it hit a very large rock, kicked it forward and in the cup. The people on the green went wild but I thought they were just mad that I had hit into them, not realizing it went in. When I got near the green they came screaming "hole in one, hole in one"



Address: 887 PLANTATION RD.
MAIZE, KS   67101

Hole #: 2
Distance: 335 Yards
Date of Shot: 25-Jun-2005


Ben Ratcliffe

Address: 6st Peters Close, Lymm, Cheshire
Manchester, England   Wa13 9qb

Golf Course: High Leigh
Hole #: 10
Distance: 331 Yards
Club Used: Callaway, Big Bertha 454 10 degree
Date of Shot: 6-Mar-2009

Comments: The greatest moment of my life with ease. The 10th is a slight dog leg to the right with 2 trees in the center of the fair way. I will remember the feeling forever and the number on the bar tab, but its a once in a life time experience a hole in 1 and on a par 4 made of 331 yards. ,SICK,

Carvel Bryan

Golf Course: Rattle Snake G.C.C - Sidewinder
Hole #: 14
Distance: 327 Yards
Club Used: Driver
Date of Shot: 10-Oct-2004

Comments: Witnessed by: S. Eng; B. Lee; T. Morita

David N Orsini

Address: 14 Lamphere Rd
Waterford, Conn.   06385

Golf Course: Beaver River Golf Course
Hole #: 9 PAR 4
Distance: 326 Yards
Club Used: Driver
Date of Shot: 20-Jan-2006

Comments: 1st Ever hole-in-one in over 40 yrs of playing golf and it comes unexpectedly on a par 4 where I could not see the green using my driver and a Topflight Strata straight flight ball.

Mitchell Palles

Address: 1308 east 52 street
savannah, ga   31404

Golf Course: Penny Branch Golf club
Hole #: 5
Distance: 324 Yards
Club Used: Driver
Date of Shot: 26-Apr-2009


Richard Gibbs

Address: 6500 Pacific Blvd SW
Albany, OR   97321

Golf Course: Mallard Creek Golf Course
Hole #: 10
Distance: 323 Yards
Club Used: Driver
Date of Shot: 16-Sep-2004

Comments: What a thrill it was to tee off from an elevated green and hit a nice fade and have your partner say that is perfect it is tracking right to the green and when we got down there sure enough there it was in the cup. A Three hundred and twenty three yard par 4. An ace and a double eagle! A day I will aways remember!

Heinrich Theron

Address: Keuler st 37 kuruman
Kuruman, NC   8460

Golf Course: Kuruman Golf Club
Hole #: 2
Distance: 322 Yards
Club Used: Driver
Date of Shot: 2-Jul-2016

Comments: Hole 2 par 4. Hole in one with a R1 driver

Ken Pollock

Address: P.O. Box 4012
Quesnel, BC   V2J3J2

Golf Course: Centennial Park, Salome, AZ
Hole #: 9
Distance: 321 Yards
Club Used: Driver
Date of Shot: 6-Mar-2007

Comments: I knew I hit a good ball, but thought I overshot the green and was out of bounds. While the other team members played up to the hole, I looked and looked for my ball, for about 10 minutes. I finally decided to just go pull the flag, for the others who were on the green. Just as I reached for the flag ... there was my ball in the hole. What a SURPRISE! (I only took golf lessons one year previous). - Ken

Chris Bradish

Address: 1845 Valle Vista
Redlands, CA   92373

Golf Course: Royal Dornoch Golf Club
Hole #: 15
Distance: 319 Yards
Club Used: Driver
Date of Shot: 12-Aug-2006


Nicholas A. Mata

Address: 2919 Belair Dr.
Chillicothe, MO   64601

Golf Course: Green Hills Golf Course
Hole #: 8
Distance: 318 Yards
Club Used: Driver
Date of Shot: 25-Apr-2005

Comments: This hole was a dog leg right,with a 20 MPH wind behind me.I'm 17 years old and this happened during my High School golf match.

Joe Hay

Address: 2202 Wesley
Salina, Kansas   67401

Golf Course: Elks Country Club
Hole #: 5
Distance: 315 Yards
Club Used: Driver
Date of Shot: 29-Apr-2005


Dack Damron

Address: 841 N4665 Duncan Hill Rd.
Argyle, WI   53504

Golf Course: Yellowstone Golf Course
Hole #: 4
Distance: 315 Yards
Club Used: Driver
Date of Shot: 3-Oct-2005

Comments: One hopped over the right side bunker, over the hill and in. Didn't know the nike ball was in until I was over it. I guess I put the pin in the right location that day. (I'm the greenskeeper) The victory lap around the green was with the arms waving and knees high.

Bryan E Arceneaux

Address: 18158 Little Prairie Rd
Prairieville, La   70769

Golf Course: The Island
Hole #: 4
Distance: 315 Yards
Club Used: Driver
Date of Shot: 25-Jan-2006


Christopher William Barnes

Golf Course: Mill Green
Hole #: 4
Distance: 312 Yards
Club Used: Driver
Date of Shot: 5-Jun-2004


Tim Curtin

Address: 3841 Chokecherry
East Helena, MT    59635

Golf Course: Fox Ridge Golf Course
Hole #: 17
Distance: 311 Yards
Club Used: Driver
Date of Shot: 1-Sep-2004

Comments: Par 4 from Blue Tees

Carlos Cushinberry

Address: 8574 E indian school rd
scottsdale, az   85251

Golf Course: Agulia GC
Hole #: 8
Distance: 309 Yards
Club Used: three-wood
Date of Shot: 15-Feb-2008

Comments: I had a hole in one on a par 4. First time i've daone that.


Address: 230 lindsey lane
marshall, nc   28753

Golf Course: reems creek golf club
Hole #: 1
Distance: 305 Yards
Club Used: driver
Date of Shot: 16-Jul-2008


Richard Ackroyd

Golf Course: Bradley Park
Hole #: 7
Distance: 303 Yards
Club Used: 5 wood
Date of Shot: 12-Aug-2003

Comments: WOW

James Blane

Address: Windmill Cottage
Bledlow Ridge, Bucks   HP14 4AJ

Golf Course: Badgemore Park Golf Club
Hole #: 15
Distance: 303 Yards
Club Used: Driver
Date of Shot: 6-Jul-2007

Comments: I was born on 25 April 1993, now aged 14 years.

I have been playing golf for three years but my main sport is tennis, which I play at county level.

I am a Junior Member at Badgemore Park, (near Henley-on-Thames) where I currently play off a handicap of 19.

On 06 July 2007, (school inset day) I was playing a round with my Dad. I had a very good front nine, including a birdie on the par 4, 7th hole. My Stableford score for the front nine was 20 points. I wanted to break 40 points for the full eighteen.

The 15th hole is 303 yards off the yellow tees. It is approx 225 yards to a 90 degree dogleg and then a further 80 yards to the pin. The green is protected by two bunkers and from the tee, the green is totally obscured by a clump of tall trees.

I teed the ball up a litttle higher than usual and aimed toward the right, to take the "tiger line" over the trees. It was a very sweet shot and I knew that I would be on or near the green.

When I approached the green the four ball in front of us were clearing the green; I could not see my ball. One of the golfers on the green was the current Men's Champion, who was calling out to me and pointing to the flag. I thought he was annoyed because I had driven to the green (although I had shouted "fore") but he was in fact trying to tell me that my ball was in the hole!

I went to the flag, put my hand into the hole and retrieved my ball! At the time, I really did not realise what an achievement this was; some of my friends have said that it was a fluke but the fact is that I was aiming for the green and was hoping for another birdie.

Chris, the Junior Pro at our club was on the 16th tee when this happened!

I have always hoped for an "ace" but I did not expect to get my first one on a par 4. I would like to find out whether I am the youngest person to hole out in one for an albatross?

Mike Hupp Sr

Address: 2105 Marshall street
Benwood, WV   26031

Golf Course: Wheeling Park
Hole #: 3
Distance: 300 Yards
Club Used: driver
Date of Shot: 25-Jul-2006

Comments: Hit my driver on a par 4 300 yds and went in the hole witness were Jason Hupp and Ron Miller

Terry M. Combs

Golf Course: 1000 Acres Golf Club
Hole #: 1
Distance: 300 Yards
Club Used: Callaway X460 Driver
Date of Shot: 17-Aug-2007


Michele Provera

Address: Corso Monte cucco 133
torino , italy   10141

Golf Course: Circolo Golf Grugliasco
Hole #: 2
Distance: 300 Yards
Club Used: Driver Ping G2 8.5°
Date of Shot: 18-Sep-2007

Comments: Par 4 300 yds dogleg. Drivew flew over the wood :)

Sam Glendon

Riverside, CT   06878

Golf Course: Innis Arden Golf club
Hole #: 10 (par 4)
Distance: 298 Yards
Club Used: Ping D2 Driver
Date of Shot: 28-May-2005


Kevin Regenhold

Address: 3425 Bowker Dr.
Pensacola, FL   32506

Golf Course: A.C. REED, Lakeview Course
Hole #: 7, Par 4 Dogleg
Distance: 298 Yards
Club Used: Driver
Date of Shot: 2-Aug-2008

Comments: Flew a Dogleg to the Left, went over the trees and holed it.

Scott Miller

Address: 2613 Abraham Drive
Cedar Falls, Iowa   50613

Golf Course: Willow Run Country Club
Hole #: 8
Distance: 297 Yards
Club Used: Ping Driver TISI tec
Date of Shot: 21-Oct-2003


Joseph W. Higgins

Address: 8 School St. Ext.
Natick, MA   01760

Golf Course: Olde Scotland Links
Hole #: 4
Distance: 296 Yards
Club Used: Driver
Date of Shot: 12-Sep-2003


Jimmy Wickings

Address: 4900 Hess Rd.
Vassar, Mi.   48768

Golf Course: Vassar Golf & Country Club
Hole #: 8
Distance: 296 Yards
Club Used: 4-iron hybrid
Date of Shot: 19-Apr-2006

Comments: it was a dogleg left par 4. i had to cut the corner. i had no idea where the flag was.

Lee Carpenter

Golf Course: Dubden Golf Centre
Hole #: 12
Distance: 296 Yards
Club Used: Taylormade R7 driver
Date of Shot: 10-Jul-2006

Comments: Best feeling in the world, and apparently a million to one shot!!!

Chris Adler

Address: 123 Mapleville Rd
Greenville, R.I.   02828

Golf Course: Foster Country Club
Hole #: 15
Distance: 295 Yards
Club Used: Driver
Date of Shot: 26-Sep-2004

Comments: 15th is a dog leg left par four. I hit it over the trees and the ball landed on the edge of the green then it rolled into the cup.

Breck Downey

Address: 3389 Loma Drive
Beale AFB, CA   95903

Golf Course: Coyote Run Golf Course
Hole #: 13
Distance: 295 Yards
Club Used: R7 Driver
Date of Shot: 3-Jul-2007

Comments: Driver off the tee. Hit the middle of the green and rolled in. The greatest moment in golf I have ever had. I had 4 witnesses including a greens keeper..

Mike McGriff

Address: 1282 Highway 63
New Sharon, Iowa   50207

Golf Course: Prairie Knolls Country Club (Member)
Hole #: #6 (Par 4)
Distance: 292 Yards
Club Used: 3 Wood
Date of Shot: 22-Jun-2003

Comments: Playing partners were Dan Patton, Jody Pothoven, Larry Johnson, Monte Upton. (Hole in one on a par 4 hole)

Sean Burton

Kincardine, Ontario   N2Z 1V3

Golf Course: Goderich Sunset Golf Course
Hole #: 5
Distance: 292 Yards
Club Used: Driver
Date of Shot: 4-Sep-2007

Comments: First hole in one ever. Never expected it to come on a Par 4.

chris knable

Address: 1402 gerald ave
lehigh acres, florida   33972

Golf Course: copperhead
Hole #: 9
Distance: 291 Yards
Club Used: driver
Date of Shot: 31-Jul-2004

Comments: this was the most awsome hole in one ive ever had! considering it was a par 4!!


Address: 119 SCHWEITZ RD
FLEETWOOD , PA   19522

Golf Course: RICH MAIDEN
Hole #: 10
Distance: 290 Yards
Date of Shot: 26-Mar-2006

Comments: PAR FOUR

Rich Brooks

Address: 283 S Lakeshore Dr
Manahawkin, NJ   08050

Golf Course: McCullough's Emerald Golf Links
Hole #: 11
Distance: 289 Yards
Club Used: Driver
Date of Shot: 26-Oct-2004


Ryan J Meyer

Golf Course: Indian Valley Golf Course
Hole #: 7
Distance: 289 Yards
Club Used:
Date of Shot: 7-Jul-2005



Address: 2310 BELMONT RD

Hole #: 12
Distance: 288 Yards
Club Used: DRIVER
Date of Shot: 29-Apr-2005


Larry Millage

Address: 3101 - 11th Street
Silvis, IL   61282

Golf Course: Golfmohr Golf Course
Hole #: 9
Distance: 285 Yards
Club Used: Driver
Date of Shot: 5-Jul-2004



Hole #: 6
Distance: 285 Yards
Club Used:
Date of Shot: 12-Jun-2005


Karl Sweet

Golf Course: Frederick Golf Club
Hole #: 18
Distance: 285 Yards
Club Used: Driver
Date of Shot: 16-Sep-2006


Jonathon Till

Address: 1101 Amastar Cove
Fort Wayne, Indiana   46845

Golf Course: Pond-a-River
Hole #: 8
Distance: 285 Yards
Club Used: Taylor Made r7 Driver
Date of Shot: 14-Jun-2008

Comments: Nailed my Driver on this par 4. Couldn't find it anywhere til my friend walked up to the hole and pulled the pin and there was my ball in the hole. Double Eagle to give us second place in the Scramble we were in. First one ever and it was sweet.

Jason Vining

Baton Rouge, LA   70808

Golf Course: Webb Park Golf Course
Hole #: 16
Distance: 284 Yards
Club Used: Driver
Date of Shot: 19-Aug-2007


Doug Reiman

Golf Course: Pine Meadows Country Club
Hole #: 12
Distance: 283 Yards
Club Used: Callaway Big Bertha
Date of Shot: 2-Mar-2005


Max Adcock

Golf Course: Stone Links
Hole #: 16
Distance: 280 Yards
Club Used: R7 driver
Date of Shot: 5-Jun-2007


Ronald Findorff

Address: PO Box 13
Talmoon, Mn.   56637

Golf Course: Golf on the Edge
Hole #: 4 Par 4 hole
Distance: 280 Yards
Club Used: Driver
Date of Shot: 9-Jul-2008

Comments: The hole is a par 4 playing 280 from the white tee marker. On this day it was playing 300 yrds....the drive was hit dead center....lost sight of the ball as it rolled onto the green and when we didn,t see it around the green or behind...my friend said "what are the chances" he checked the hole and started screaming...it,s the first and only "hole in one" on that hole ever....this is the last summer for the short hole...they are moving the box back about 50 yrds over the winter....

Glenn Bates

Address: 33 Lakeside Road
Picayune, MS   39466

Golf Course: Pearl River Golf Course
Hole #: #6
Distance: 278 Yards
Club Used: 10.5 Driver
Date of Shot: 26-Feb-2005

Comments: This hole was a tough par 4 uphill with the wind blowing in my face. The ball bounced on and went into the hole. There were 5 other golfers that witnessed the shot

Rab Dickson

Address: Portlethen

Golf Course: Westhill
Hole #: 10
Distance: 278 Yards
Club Used: Wilson Dep Red 3 wood
Date of Shot: 21-Apr-2006

Comments: If 13,000 to 1 against an ace and a million to one for an albatross, just how lucky do you need to be for an ace albatross?

Steve Wolf

Address: 2544 Riverside Ave.
Seaford, NY   11783

Golf Course: Dix Hills Park G.C.
Hole #: 8
Distance: 277 Yards
Club Used: Driver
Date of Shot: 13-Jun-1999

Comments: Hit it straight down narrow,tree lined fairway.I saw the ball bounce in front of the green.Walked up to green and couldn't find the ball.I checked left of the green,then behind,and then to the right.As my 3 playing partners walked up to the green they suggested I check the hole?Sure enough my titleist was staring right at me.

Ken Finley

Address: 4101 FM 3456
Brenham, Texas   77833

Golf Course: Austin Lions
Hole #: 10
Distance: 276 Yards
Club Used: Driver
Date of Shot: 22-Mar-2005

Comments: My 3rd Ace...but my 1st on a par 4.

Gary Johnson

Address: 5323 Dunster
Grand Blanc, Mi   48439

Golf Course: Sheperd's Hollow Golf Club
Hole #: 23
Distance: 275 Yards
Club Used: Titlest Driver 983
Date of Shot: 11-Sep-2003

Comments: We were playing a skins game and I waited for the group on the short par 4 to leave the green. They were in our outing and as they reached their cart and placed their clubs in the bag, I hit my tee shot. I saw the ball bounce in the narrow front of the green and bounce on. They started yelling its in the hole!!! and I drove up and my ball was in the cup. That was awsome!!! My playing partners joined me and we all looked at the ball in the bottom of the cup and that was it!!! Just awsome a Hole in one and a Double eagle.!!


Address: 730 Ripley St
Philadelphia, PA   19111

Golf Course: Juniata Golf Club
Hole #: 16
Distance: 275 Yards
Club Used: Driver
Date of Shot: 7-Oct-2005


Jeff Green

Address: p.o. box 533
randolph, ohio   44265

Golf Course: paradise lake cc
Hole #: 8
Distance: 275 Yards
Club Used: driver
Date of Shot: 1-Sep-2007

Comments: Once in a lifetime shot!!!!!!!!! it just went right in the cup!!!!!!!! WOW

Chuck Payne

Address: 304 Pitts Drive
Columbiana, AL   35051

Golf Course: Hhighland Park Golf Course
Hole #: 14
Distance: 273 Yards
Club Used: Driver
Date of Shot: 19-Feb-2007

Comments: Highland Park Golf Course #14 is a 273 yd, uphill, blind flag par 4. I hit my Driver and knew it was a good shot but couldn't find the ball around the green. It wasn't until we looked in the hole that I realized what had happened. First hole in one and it's an albatross.

Harris Manaea

, HI   

Golf Course: Hawaii Country Club
Hole #: 1- Par 4
Distance: 272 Yards
Club Used: Driver
Date of Shot: 20-Jun-2000

Comments: I made this on my birthday. :)

Ben Burch

Address: 1002 Menasha
Ladysmith, Wi   54848

Golf Course: Maple Grove
Hole #: 6
Distance: 272 Yards
Club Used: Driver
Date of Shot: 6-Aug-2004

Comments: Par 4. Can not see the green from the tee box.

Ben Burch

Golf Course: Maple Grove Country Club
Hole #: 6
Distance: 272 Yards
Club Used: Driver
Date of Shot: 8-Aug-2004

Comments: It was on a par 4 first hole in one ever on that one in its 75 years of being open.

scott Wallingford

Address: 204 west 14th st.
rock falls, il   61071

Golf Course: Deere valley c.c.
Hole #: 5
Distance: 270 Yards
Club Used: driver
Date of Shot: 3-Jul-2003


Carl McLain

Oil City, PA   16301

Golf Course: Sleepy Hollow Golf Club
Hole #: 1
Distance: 270 Yards
Club Used: MacGregor The Big One Driver
Date of Shot: 31-Oct-2004

Comments: This my 2nd Hole In One but 1st on a Par 4

Jeff Campbell

North Bay, ONT   

Golf Course: Pinewood Park
Hole #: 10
Distance: 269 Yards
Club Used: 1 Wood
Date of Shot: 7-Jun-2003


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